DreamWorks Trolls Music Stars Digital Game Pass

Your Tickets to Jumpstart Your Game!

Get your Limited-Edition Trolls Game Pass for the Trolls Music Stars mobile game! Designed with passion for EVERYONE who loves music and Trolls!

Game Booster Pass:
Start at Level 20 with 25,000 Notes 🎶 Automatically get access to 9 additional Flair accessories, 7 Dance Moves, and 3 Music Clips PLUS 25,000 Notes to spend on items to add to your own collection.

Game VIP Pass:
Start at Level 40 with 75,000 Notes 🎶 With the VIP Pass, automatically get access to ALL ACCESSORIES, DANCE MOVES, AND MUSIC CLIPS, excluding the Limited-Edition character items. PLUS receive 75,000 Notes to spend on items to add to your own collection.

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How It Works

As the adventure unfolds, create unique musical remixes and level up. The more you play, the more music notes (our in-game currency!) you get to spend on the collectible items - jumpstart your game level and rack up notes by purchasing exclusive Game Passes!

Music Stars featuring Trolls is an officially licensed product line with Universal Brand Development.
Development collaboration between Thinker-Tinker and Curious Media.

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