Octobo's Underwater Adventure Storykit

Swim with Octobo on this exciting adventure deep in the sea to discover the wonders and the treasures of the ocean! Our underwater storybook seamlessly integrates concepts like color and patterns through its witty storyline and enticing sea-related puzzles. When kids place storykit objects into Octobo’s bowl, Octobo’s expressive reactions and animations will bring the story to life!


  • Octobo's Underwater Adventure storybook
  • 6 Interactive Tokens 
  • Octobo Story app

*Available in both the Starter Pack and Advanced Pack!

For Our Youngest Inkers (Ages 0-4)

Infants primarily learn about their world through sensory experiences. Octobo’s cuddly body and squishy arms welcome our little ones to explore and grab, helping them improve their fine- and gross-motor control. Children can learn about emotions by observing Octobo’s reactions to different interactions with him, such as poking Octobo’s eye or wiggling his arms. Octobo's Underwater Adventure storybook and app supports early cognitive learning through developmentally appropriate tasks and puzzles.

Audiobook Mode for Bedtime Stories

Each of Octobo’s storybooks come with an audiobook as well! Let Octobo read bedtime stories to your little ones, and also reinforce daytime learning on letters, spelling, shapes, textures, and more! To all the busy parents out there, give yourself a little break and let audiobook mode help with bedtime stories.

Expand Your Child's Learning

Octobo is the first smart plush that learns and grows with your child! Further expand your child's learning by adding Octobo and the Great Letter Search storykit. Continue the play with 26 additional story tokens, a new story book, and 8 mini games while learning memory skills, letters and spelling.

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