Octobo: An Award-Winning Educational Multi-Sensory Smart Plush Robot

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Octobo is the first smart plush companion that enables interactive learning. Through guided storybooks, interactive tokens, and educational apps, your child will learn ABC’s, how to spell 80+ words, rhythm, coordination, and more!

Starter Pack includes:
  • Octobo Smart Plush Robot
  • Octobo's Underwater Adventure storykit for ages 0-3
Advanced Pack includes:
  • Everything in the Starter Pack PLUS...
  • Octobo and the Great Letter Search storykit for ages 3-7

    What Can Octobo Do?

    Octobo's Storykits

    Octobo's storykits are a unique combination of storybooks, interactive tokens, and a digital app. These storykits allow children to go on challenges and adventures with Octobo. Take a look at our storykits!

    More Interactive Storybooks On The Way...

    Valued customers who purchase our Starter Pack or Advanced Pack, will receive a coupon code for 50% off our upcoming storybook.

    Content for Years to Come

    What's Inside Octobo?

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