Octobo and The Great Letter Search Storykit (Audiobook Deal)

Special 15% OFF Audiobook deal! Octobo discovers that all the letters in the magical realm of Puzmo are missing! Kids are swept up on an exciting mission to explore the village and help Octobo search for missing letters. Ready?

Kids search for hidden letters on each page of the storybook and find the corresponding interactive token. Interaction guidelines on each page help children exercise their memory and pick up new vocabulary in an enjoyable way.


1x Octobo and the Great Letter Search interactive storybook; 26x Interactive Letter Story Tokens; 1x Octobo Story App with 80x Animations, 8x Mini-Games, 1x Spelling Contest Game Mode


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For Our Older Inkers (Ages 2-7)

Our ABCs storybook, Octobo and the Great Letter Search, and its accompanying app is designed by educational experts and experienced game designers. Kids can learn everything from letters to spelling in a fun and engaging way, all while further improving their emotional recognition and prosocial behaviors. After kids master letter recognition and basic vocabulary, it's time for some spelling challenges! In our spelling game mode, kids can play collaborative spelling games with others and see how many words they can spell out.

Interactive Mini Games

As kids go through the ABC's, they'll find hidden games and activities in various tokens. Amusing animations encourage physical activity, introduce basic musical notions, and includes a spelling contest mode!


Audiobook Mode for Bedtime Stories

Each of Octobo’s storybooks come with an audiobook as well! Let Octobo read bedtime stories to your little ones, and also reinforce daytime learning on letters, spelling, shapes, textures, and more! To all the busy parents out there, give yourself a little break and let audiobook mode help with bedtime stories.

“In order for reading and writing skills to develop, children must first develop phonological awareness. Interactive strategies such as rhyming, tapping… lead to important literacy skills ensuring academic success.”

– Neuman, Copple, & Bredekamp

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