Increase Learning Effectiveness Over 30% with Octobo!

Octobo is the world’s first interactive soft robot that helps your child learn through fun and engaging play. The joyous world of Octobo transforms any space into a learning environment - creating natural, inviting opportunities for your child to develop early literacy skills, practice coordinated movement, set the foundation for STEM education, and so much more!

Award-winning smart plush companion that teaches ABC’s, spelling 80+ words, rhythm, coordination, and more.

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Receive EVERYTHING in the Advanced Bundle PLUS the NEW storybook, Octobo's Big City Adventure. This third storybook can be used with or without the Octobo plush and comes with 6 dry-erase activity Discovery Cards.

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Watch Octobo's Demo

Watch to learn how Octobo works and get a peek at all the accessories included in our fun-filled Storykit packs!

Octobo Comes with Many Games, Tokens, and Story Experiences for a Reinforced Learning Environment

Octobo's Storybook Experiences create a Reinforced Learning Environment

Remember when we were taught to trace our ABC’s, read them out loud, and play spelling games? Even today, studies show that multi-sensory learning increases performance by over 30%!

Spelling Game with Over 80 Words

Time to spell what you see! Put each letter in Octobo’s bowl before time runs out!


  • Good spelling practice
  • Teaches phonetic awareness
  • Sound blending
  • Improves focus

Learning Shapes & Patterns

Guide Octobo through his Underwater Adventure by feeding him the right shape and pattern tokens.


  • Helps develop critical thinking & logic
  • Identify & organize visual information
  • Shapes & patterns lead to math

Xylophone Rhythm & Coordination Game

Similar to “Guitar Hero,” play by tapping Octobo’s colored arms with the corresponding musical cues.


  • Hand-eye coordination
  • Fine-motor control
  • Improves focus

8 Total Mini-Games

Octobo is packed with lots of fun and educational mini-games!


  • Learn counting
  • Promotes physical activity
  • Pro-social behaviors

Letters and Vocabulary

Octobo will improve your child's phonetic awareness, sound blending, and spelling. Learn by using 26 tokens, each representing an alphabet letter.

Problem Solving

Throughout Octobo’s journey, he will encounter various challenges, ranging from identifying Octobo's favorite fish, to rhythm and coordination games.

Emotional Growth

Special soft sensors are placed throughout Octobo's body to deliver interactive emotions as your child plays.

Parental Controls

Parents can customize their child's playtime sessions. When playtime is over, Octobo tells kids to rest, providing a natural way to end playtime.

Our Octobo Apps – Comes FREE with Octobo Purchase

The Octobo Story app provides hours of learning, play and entertainment for use with the Octobo tech toy and Storykits. Extend your Octobo activities with the Octobo Fun & Games app or Octobo Audiobooks app!

Octobo Uses the Familiar Medium of Interactive Storytelling to Achieve Learning Increases of Over 30%

“I believe Octobo can be a powerful socio-emotional, STEM, and literacy learning tool. The features of Octobo make it unique and accessible for children of varying developmental stages. It’s so inspiring to see a toy that uses technology to stimulate positive interactions, emotional awareness, and most importantly, play amongst our youngest learners.”

– Jessica Livornese, Ed.M., Harvard Graduate School of Education, Teacher and Researcher focusing on Childhood Development

Octobo is a Socio-Emotional, STEM, and Literacy Learning Tool for Ages 0-7

Our unique platform model makes Octobo easily upgradeable depending on your child's needs. Our content and learning activities will continue to expand and grow with your child with more storykits, apps, and games coming soon!

Octobo May Look Cute & Cuddly, But He is Packed with Advanced Robotic Sensors and Electronics to Turn Play Time Into Learning Time!

Cute and Cuddly Octobo is Packed with Advanced Technology!

"While it may not look like it, Octobo is literally stuffed with technology." – Apple Insider

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