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Octobo: An Educational Multi-Sensory Smart Plush

Coming Fall 2019!

Octobo is the first smart plush that learns and grows with your child! It’ll be your child’s favorite learning companion that enhances a new pattern of play through multi-media engagement. Transform mindless screen time into meaningful, active play time!

Designed with eight separate sensor arrays and LED lighting in its huggable, hypoallergenic plush, Octobo lights up and changes facial expressions with each interaction. Working with a tablet, the interactive storybooks, accessories, and expanding constellation of education apps promote different learning themes in new, engaged ways.

For our youngest Inkers (age 0-2 years), the Starter Pack includes the smart plush with 6 interactive tokens and an Underwater Adventure story book. It seamlessly integrates concepts like color and patterns through its witty storyline and enticing sea-related puzzles.

Older Inkers (age 3-7 years) can add in more fun with the Advanced Pack. In addition to the sea-related journey, this expansion challenges kids to search for hidden letters as they go on a mission through Octobo’s world of Puzmo. Continue the play with 26 story tokens, a new story book, and 8 mini games while learning memory skills, letters and spelling.

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