Music Stars powered by Thinker-Tinker, Featuring Trolls

Coming Fall 2020

Music Stars powered by Thinker-Tinker, Featuring Trolls is a genre-mashing celebration of music and dance moves for kids 6-10.

SCAN the Music Stars plush with the app and UNLOCK new over-the-top dance moves and audio clips. As the adventure unfolds with their favorite Trolls characters, players will CREATE unique musical remixes in the fun-filled timing and memory dance battles!

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Music Stars powered by Thinker-Tinker is an immersive physical-digital play experience with a line of collectible plush characters and its music-mashing companion mobile app focused on designing better and more engaging opportunities for players, all powered by Thinker-Tinker. Players will be able to create music through the power of rhythm, remixing and endless play. 

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