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Screen time is a rising concern, and we are transforming screen time into quality, meaningful social-learning time! We are an ed-tech company on a journey to create smart companions for kids with a true personality, which is also an expandable platform to support learning in multiple domains — math, reading, problem-solving, emotional growth, you name it!

It’s easy to get started! 

1.  Apply to our program by submitting your name and email.

2.  Expect a response with a few additional pre-screening questions. Reply with your answers and the Thinker-Tinker team will review your application. 

3.  Once approved, start sharing with your friends, family and community to start earning!

Earn commission for helping to drive traffic and sales through your website to Thinker-Tinker.com. Through our affiliate program, we’ll help by providing you with official Thinker-Tinker branded banners, text, images, and product links which you’ll be able to use. You’ll also be able to purchase the product with an affiliate only price, if you prefer to create your own creatives. You’ll have everything you need in your online dashboard to start earning commissions. Once we process the transaction reports at the end of every month, we can ensure a fully transparent, prompt affiliate payment process.

Nothing! It's totally free.

10%! Affiliates earn commission on products sold on Thinker-Tinker.com (excluding delivery, taxes and returns).

*Orders placed directly by the affiliate are not applicable and will not be applied in commission earnings. Orders placed by the affiliate member should use the special Shopify page we provide and not go through their link.

That’s up to you! The more traffic you drive, the more you can earn.

With your unique link, your customers that purchase receive additional $10 OFF their purchase on top of our current running promotions.

You can check on your stats anytime by logging in to your account dashboard at thinker-tinker.goaffpro.com/login

Once you reach $150 in commission, you will be paid within 45 days of the close of that month via PayPal or Bank Transfer. If total commissions for a given month are less than $150, those commissions will be grouped with the next month until the total reaches $150.

Octobo Details

You can use the assets we provided, or we would love that you create your original content! As an Affiliate, you can purchase an Octobo with your special promotion right here! Once you sign up for our affiliate program, you’ll receive an email with an exclusive discount code to be used towards your purchase. Simply enter the code on the cart page and complete your purchase.

Please note that as an affiliate, you granted rights for the company to repurpose your content in the future.

*Orders placed directly by the affiliate are not applicable and will not be applied in commission earnings. Orders placed by the affiliate member should use the special Shopify page we provide and not go through their link.

Octobo works with a mobile device up to 8" (we recommend using 7-8” tablets for the best experience) with an up-to-date operating system. You can check if your device is compatible with our app here: Octobo Support

Thinker-Tinker pays out on "net" sales. That means if a customer is issued a refund, commissions are adjusted accordingly.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email hello@thinker-tinker.com

Promotional Material

• Share in a blog post! Have an interesting perspective on our products that you think would interest your audience? Post about Octobo and Thinker-Tinker. Include your unique URL and direct your community to our site.

• Create a Facebook post. Like Play Octobo on Facebook and tag us in your posts with your custom Thinker-Tinker link.

• Share a photo on Instagram. Choose from the creative assets provided on your dashboard and post to your Instagram account. Make sure to tag us @playOctobo and @thinkertinkerinc, and add your referral link to your bio.

• Add our banner image to your website. Drive traffic from your website to our product pages by linking a banner or sidebar image with your referral link.

• Make a YouTube video! After purchasing your own Octobo, you can create a YouTube video showcasing the product. Encourage your viewers to visit our website using your referral link by posting in the description box.

• Do not spam your friends and family with your referral link. Encourage your audience to visit Thinker-Tinker in a respectful manner.

• All posts should reflect accurate information. The coupon associated with your unique link is to be used in addition to our current promotions. Please make sure you are advertising correct costs and posting correct information.

• We are not responsible for mistakes in linking your content with your referral link. All purchases eligible for commission earnings must be made through your unique link.

• If we deem your content inappropriate or inaccurate for any reason, at any point in time, Thinker-Tinker has the right to revoke your status as an affiliate.


• Octobo is a vibrant character and we want to showcase him in his best light. Please do not over-filter your Octobo product images or add dramatic color correction. Refinements are allowed, but please display Octobo true to form and color.

• Use our hashtags! When creating your posts, tag us @playOctobo and @thinkertinkerinc. Make sure to hashtag #Octobo, #PlayOctobo #smarttoys

• Octobo makes learning and play more fun and interactive. Make sure to highlight the expressions on your kids’ faces so your audience can see how fun he is! Try to keep Octobo’s face and your children’s faces in frame. Mirrors are a great way to showcase all angles! *Please note that as an affiliate, you grant rights for Thinker-Tinker to repurpose your content in the future. It is your responsibility to gain permission to photograph and publish children in your content.

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