Yuting Su – Founder, CEO
Ray Chen – Co-founder

Game Design & Development

Natalie Gravier, Emily Mullock – Art Directors
Patrick Baggatta –Product Director
Radian Jheng – Lead Programmer
Tristan Déplantes – Lead Programmer
Jourdan Johnson – Product Specialist
Ryan Bartley – Voice Actor
Jacques Brautbar – Composer
Nami Melumad – Composer
Eric Wang – Animator
Crystal Lee – Animator
Owen Chen – Mad Playtester!

Children's Development Specialist

Lisa Medoff
Leiny Garcia

Octobo Storybook Design

Liwen Lin – Illustrator
Stephanie Sosa – Writer
Justin Bortnick – Writer

Octobo Storytellers

Izzy Reyes – Artist/Social Media Marketing
Aimee Zhang – Social Media Marketing
Katherine Chen – PR

Special Thanks To

All the individuals and backers who supported our journey!