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About Thinker-Tinker Products

Thinker-Tinker is a team of passionate designers based in Los Angeles, CA. We are a tech company on a journey to create smart companions for kids with a true personality, which is also an expandable platform to support learning in multiple domains — math, reading, problem-solving, emotional growth, you name it!

Thinker-Tinker products are designed by mom, for families. We are on a mission to transform passive screen time into mindful play time through smart plush toys.

Thinker-Tinker toys are perfect for children ages 2-7 years old. With the expanding digital library and storykits, our toys grow with your child!

Our toys require an account setup which needs to be completed by an adult. Once the account is created and an activity is chosen, your child can interact with the plush independently.

Thinker-Tinker products grow with your child! For children 0-3 years old, our toys focus on sensory stimulation, social interaction and fine motor skills. Children 3-5 years old learn visual perception, verbal comprehension, and emotional perception. For our older kids 5-7 years old, our products teach language, sensory integration, and lessons through play.

System Requirements

The product does not come with a tablet. Check below for compatible devices.

Our Thinker-Tinker apps are run on iOS 6.0, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and Amazon Fire OS and up. Any 7-8 inch tablets, like the iPad mini or Amazon Fire (7th Generation), are compatible with our plush toys.

In order to use our Thinker-Tinker toys, the accompanying app must be installed on a compatible device. All games are available on the app.


Octobo is very easy to clean. We handpicked his custom, hypoallergenic fabric, which has very short fur and is therefore easy to wipe clean. Because Octobo has sensors in his body, we do not recommend soaking the plush in water.

Nope! Octobo connects to your device via Bluetooth automatically. Wifi is not required in order to enjoy the play experience. However, you will need Internet access to download the app from the app store.

To make Octobo work, he needs 4 AA batteries. You can find his battery pack under his back tentacles. We recommend using high-quality, rechargeable batteries to extend play time.


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Please email help@playoctobo.com. Shipping fees will apply.

A limited warranty is given for defective products to the original purchaser for a period of twelve months from the original purchase date.*

Shipping charges or taxes will apply.

The warranty does not cover damage resulting in abnormal, abusive, incorrect use, negligence and/or accidents from non-observance of product guidelines. Thinker-Tinker, Inc. reserves the right of refusal, replacement, or refund.

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*For our crowdfunding backers, a limited repair warranty is given for defective products twelve (12) months after the date of shipment.

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