Octobo: An Educational Multi-Sensory Smart Plush

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Octobo is the first smart plush that learns and grows with your child! It’ll be your child’s favorite learning companion that enhances a new pattern of play through multi-media engagement. Transform mindless screen time into meaningful, active play time!

    2 Bundles to Choose From:

    For our youngest Inkers (age 0-2 years), the Starter Pack includes the smart plush with 6 interactive tokens and an Underwater Adventure story book. It seamlessly integrates concepts like color and patterns through its witty storyline and enticing sea-related puzzles.

    Older Inkers (age 3-7 years) can add in more fun with the Advanced Pack. In addition to the sea-related journey, this expansion challenges kids to search for hidden letters as they go on a mission through Octobo’s world of Puzmo. Continue the play with 26 story tokens, a new story book, and 8 mini games while learning memory skills, letters and spelling.

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