Octobo's Big City Adventure Storykit

Coming Soon!

Octobo, welcome to the big city! Octobo loves to adventure and experience new things. Help him identify all the new objects as he explores the big city using our 'Discovery Cards.' 

As you wander through the city together, you child will improve their joint attention. At the same time, your child will understand and spell new words.

More interactive story books on the way...

For all of our valued customers who purchased our Starter or Advanced Pack, you will receive a coupon code for 50% off this upcoming third story book.

Picture Book Interaction

As the child recognizes the visual hints (object highlights) in the storybook and discusses possibilities with a parent or teacher, the child is actually developing skills in Joint Attention that will lead directly to collaborative teamwork in future years.

The content of the Discovery Cards themselves also promote vocabulary building and spelling.  Octobo sets the table on each spread by discovering a new base concept (downtown, restaurant, etc.). Then, children and caregivers use our discovery card system to attach even more new words within the previously learned context.

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