Trolls Music Stars Coming to Kickstarter 2/23!

Trolls Music Stars Coming to Kickstarter 2/23!

Trolls Music Stars will be launching on Kickstarter on 2/23 at 7am PST/10am EST and we can’t wait to share with you this beat-slashing, rhythm remix game and collectibles! We’ve always been passionate about reimagining and redefining what we call ‘games’ and developing new technologies that are exciting, interactive, and innovative for all ages; so we are excited to bring you our second product line, Music Stars.

From our participation on Comcast Universal’s LiftLabs program, we developed a relationship with DreamWorks and Universal, partnering to create what has now become Trolls Music Stars. We were super excited to establish this connection and innovate on their iconic Trolls IP. After a year of ideation, testing, and development, we are finally ready to launch!

Trolls Music Stars is an exciting musical play experience that includes collectible plush and a companion digital game app. We’ve worked hard with the teams at DreamWorks and Universal to create one-of-a-kind emoji-style plush inspired by their iconic characters. Each plush features a unique design on their headphones that is scannable in the game. Each scan unlocks special items and zones in the game adding to the magical playing experience. Create your own Trolls avatar and accessorize your character with these unlocked items and rock on!



We love Kickstarter and have had success on this platform with our first educational storytelling smart robot Octobo! So we thought it was the perfect place to first offer our newest product. We have prepared some unique Music Stars play pack bundles only available on Kickstarter –


We work hard to make great product happen and we can’t wait to bring you another interactive product with these iconic DreamWorks characters! 

The launch lineup includes the iconic characters of DreamWorks: Poppy, Branch, Barb and Tiny Diamond. These Universal Trolls will be sold in 2-pack bundles! The Queens play pack includes Poppy and Barb. Branch and Tiny Diamond round up our lineup in The Mix Masters play pack. You can enjoy your favorite songs from Trolls World Tour, Trollstopia and the entire Trolls franchise, unlock different characters, customize your Trolls’ avatar and collect special items. You can even collect all the plush in The Whole Band or Backstage Pass pledge tiers!

P.S. The Backstage Pass pledge reward includes limited-edition SURPRISE Music Stars gifts! 

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